By default, Solaris automatically mounts removable media (like CDROMs), you don’t have to do anything special. In the case that automounting is not working, then probably the related service(s) that manage automounting are not running, do the following to fix it:

SOLARIS 10 (and below)

Check if the vold daemon is running.

# ps -ef | grep vold

If it’s not running, then start the Volume Management Service:

Solaris 9 and below

/etc/init.d/volmgt start

Solaris 10

svcadm enable volfs

If you have problems with CDROM media in Solaris 10 and ‘vold’ is running, then check if the service smserver is enabled (svcs -a | grep smserver), if it’s not, then enable it:

svcadm enable smserver 


The vold is gone in Solaris 11, you have to verify that the services hal, rmvolmgr and dbus are online:

# svcs -a | egrep '(hal|rmvolmgr|dbus)'
online         10:22:42 svc:/system/hal:default
online         10:22:42 svc:/system/filesystem/rmvolmgr:default
online         10:22:01 svc:/system/dbus:default

If any of the above are offline, make it online, for example, to start rmvolmgr

svcadm enable rmvolmgr