Using pkg

Searching for packages

List packages matching a specific package name
# pkg search [-o] <package_name>

NOTE: if -o is used, it also list the origin of the package (the origin is the location of the source code in the ports tree)

List packages with description text matching <pattern>
# pkg search -D <pattern>

List the packages that the matched packages depended on
# pkg search -d <package_name>

Install a package

# pkg install <package_name>

Uninstall a package

# pkg delete <package_name>

Remove unneeded dependency packages

# pkg autoremove

Update ALL packages to its latest versions

# pkg upgrade

Update a single package

# pkg install -f <package_name>

Getting info about an installed package

# pkg info [<package_name>]

NOTE: If <package_name> is not specified, display info of all installed packages

List all installed packages that have known vulnerabilities

# pkg audit -F